Welcome to Major Crush!

A wine club and wine community that’s part of the Major Crush Winecast Experience

How it Works

We find the crush-worthy wines for you, and then we explain everything about these wines so you can enjoy and share the Crush Collection with others!
Join the Club

You’re welcome in our world! Everything we do connects people to crush-worthy wines, and when you join the club — and then invite others to join, too — there’s always something special in it for you!

Receive Curated Club Orders

We’re always crushin’ on something new and we're so excited to share them with you! We offer several options to fit your needs and desires. Choose from either a three bottle or six bottle option that either includes a mix of whites, rosés and reds or all red. When you come crush with us you'll receive tasting note videos and other content to complement every collection to help you enjoy the wines in a fresh new way!

No strings attached

Crushes are always fun — and the best ones are never complicated! So we’ve made sure the Crush Collection gives you everything you want in a wine club with no strings attached!

Welcome to The Crush Collection

The Crush Collection started because of a simple podcast Meredith Griffin & Lou Zant created to help share the stories of some of their favorite winemakers with the masses. But throughout three seasons of the Major Crush Winecast, they discovered that talking about the wines with their fans and followers could be so much better if they could give people access to the wines they’re crushing on!

About the Club

The Major Crush Collection is a three or six-bottle bi-montly wine club featuring the wines that Meredith & Lou are currently crushing on!

Watch this video to discover everything you need to know about how the club works, and how you can join in all the fun!