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A Toast to Earth Day, by Lou Zant

A Toast to Earth Day, by Lou Zant

I really can’t go a day in the Wine Country without thinking about the environment in some way.

People in my world talk about our climate, the progress of the vines, and how hot or how cool it is pretty much non-stop. So I guess you could say when it comes to the people I mix and mingle with daily...

We take talking about the weather to a whole new level!

But wine is an expression of Earth’s bounty and every change the planet is going through -- which makes the connection between what happens as every season unfolds, and the wine that ends up in my glass, impossible for me to miss. This is just one of the many things that makes wine such a passion for me.

Wine is ever-changing...yet it’s also very grounded, stable, and consistent.

In honor of Earth Day, Meredith and I decided to dedicate an episode of our podcast to discussing how our environment impacts our industry. And believe me, when I say, there was no shortage of topics we could’ve discussed! But digging in and doing some research on the latest information for the episode reminded me of how honest and true wine is.

It endures and adapts, and it always finds a way to yield new collections of stories and expressions for us to experience. There is no other thing in my life that offers me a sense of place the way wine does. When I’m in Dallas, or NOLA…or Tampa, or some other part of the country, and I open up a bottle of wine from Sonoma, the smell, the color, and the taste all bring me home like nothing else in the world!

So I’d like to toast to Earth Day — the one day in a given year when I take a pause and raise my glass in honor of the majesty and grace of our planet!

May the 2021 vintage mark another fruitful trip around the sun, and may all of us remember to savor the bounty with grateful hearts!



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