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A Virtually Perfect Holiday by Mere & Lou

A Virtually Perfect Holiday by Mere & Lou

Recently, we posted a very similar blog to this one on our website for our LinkedIn fans and followers who might be facing the daunting task of creating a holiday office party of the virtual kind this year.

But the reality is, everyone who is planning something festive for the holidays is up against the same challenges — so we wanted to offer up a little help where we can!

This year, we’ve done quite a few virtual gatherings with wine, and the one thing that amazes us every time is how much wine connects people — even when they can’t be in the same room! So imagine how well adding wine to a virtual family and friend gathering will work out?!

Since we’ve had a lot of experiences with these virtual tasting parties, we thought we’d pass along some tips and ideas to help you nail it! So let’s jump right in!


For our December Crush Collection, we picked wines we know pair well with food and with people! But there are two wines in our collection that are absolute stand-outs for a simple, yet festive gathering:

Prosecco & Zinfandel

If you're reading this after December 14, and you don’t have time to get the December Crush Collection, we still think these two wines are a great choice! Starting with some bubbles is always a good idea, and Prosecco is a very affordable sparkling wine that hits all the right notes. It pairs well with savory and sweet holiday bites, and it’s pretty easy to find at your local wine shop. Here’s what to look for:

  • Pick a dry (Brut or Extra Brut ) Prosecco— because a less sweet wine pairs the best across the board.

When it comes to picking a Zinfandel, we love how Zin can appeal to people who like big red wines without needing a steak to make it sing! Zinfandel tends to have milder tannins and a lovely acidity that taste amazing with savory bites and cheeses. And the price point of a good Zin won’t break the bank either. When looking for a high-quality Zin at your local wine shop, here’s what to look for:

  • Pick a Zin with 14% alcohol or lower if possible — this will ensure it pairs well with simple bites and won’t get your guests too tipsy!



When we’ve done our virtual tastings, we’ve had the extra benefit of being able to ship the Crush Collection to our attendees. But we’ve also gone a step further and shipped yummy cheeses we’ve paired with the wines to our guests as well. So here are some ideas for you to add food pairings to your wine packs that your guests are sure to love!

  • Prosecco pairs brilliantly with a salty starter — such as olives and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese! (Even gourmet truffle potato chips are delicious!!) So adding a super-salty snack to your party pack is a winning combo for sure!
  • Zinfandel tastes amazing with fancy foods, but honestly? It’s one of the best pizza wines on the planet! So ordering a few flatbreads or pizzas to be delivered to your family and friends is an excellent idea that will keep the party going — and show how much you care!


Party favors aren’t just for kiddie parties, you know! Adults love them, too, and when you’re hosting a virtual party to celebrate the people you love, even a small keepsake can be a nice touch. And since we’re talking about starting the party with Prosecco, what better party favor than a sparkling wine flute! You can find so many variations of a flute this time of year — and they don’t have to be super expensive to leave a great impression. Plus, since you will be setting up virtual toasts, it might be nice to connect everyone together with a thoughtful flute or wine glass so everyone feels the intentionality of the gathering!


At Major Crush, one of the things we truly believe in is supporting your local wine shop. Even though we curate our collections and teach our fans and followers about great wines, we love small wine shop owners for how much they can add to the wine experience. So instead of going to a big box store, reach out to a local shop to help you pick the perfect Prosecco & Zinfandel, and ask them to help you deliver (or ship) your party packs directly to your party attendees. It’s amazing how these kinds of gestures make up for the fact that we can’t all be together this year — and helping your local retailers this year with your business is something we can all get behind!

We just want to wish you — and your family and friends — the very best holiday season!



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