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About Haley Sylvers

About Haley Sylvers

For the NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2021 CRUSH COLLECTION, a theme emerged: wine is art.

Each bottle we curated for this collection is a unique expression of the grapes and the winemakers. But before you even pull the cork, each wine we send you shares an expression when you see the label. The colors, the brushstrokes, and every intricate detail adds something beautiful to the wine story we hope you’ll discover. And for this reason, we asked an inspiring artist we are lucky enough to call our friend to create a custom label for our 2019 Three Places Pinot Noir.

Her name is Haley Sylvers.

Haley has been part of the Major Crush team for more than a year now. She is the little genius behind our Pivot labels and the Mixed Vines label — which have all been fan-favorites from our past collection and may even be featured on wines we curate in the future! But one of our favorite things about working with Haley is her ability to take a simple set of tasting notes and find a way to visually tell the story in a tiny window of space on a bottle.

Exploring the world of wine with Haley is a true joy because she naturally finds a visual story that helps a bottle of wine come to life. She uncovers layers in her designs — like how she created a sense of being in three beautiful places at one time — and her youthful approach often helps us taste something new when the finished bottle comes together.

So let’s raise a toast to Haley Sylvers:

A talented designer with a very big future who has yet again, found away to make a Crush Collection wine experience an adventure that you can spill right into a glass!



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