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About the Artist Harriett Hritz by Sonja Zant

About the Artist Harriett Hritz by Sonja Zant

Fine artist, Harriett Hritz is the kind of painter who taps into her spiritual side to find her greatest forms of expression.

As a graduate of the Ringling School of Art & Design, her love of color and storytelling with images has served her well during her 35+ years working as a Graphic Designer, Art Director, and Creative Director. Throughout her career, Harriett has worked with three decade’s worth of clients to help them build their brands or tell their unique stories through her talents. And she’s also had the good fortune to work with several non-profits to give back to her community and help those around her achieve their dreams and goals.

But Harriett’s love of painting has always held a sacred place in her life and her willingness to collaborate with us and share two of her paintings to grace our bottles is a beautiful gift we are proud to share with members of our Crush Collection.

Harriett has been a close friend to me for more than 20 years, and while her artwork was responsible for our introduction, it is her kindness, joy, humor, and devotion to the people she loves that has kept us connected for all of these years. Recently, Lou saw some images of Harriett’s latest collection and reached out to ask Harriett if she’d consider letting us use some of her artwork for our Crush Collection. It didn’t surprise me one bit that Harriett agreed, but it was the generosity with which she gave us access to her portfolio that blew me away.

As with so many of the winemakers Meredith and Lou love the most, there is a greater “why” behind the artwork Harriett creates. It’s not simply a cycle of seasons that inspires her, but rather, the spiritual symmetry and colors at play all around her that give her artwork so much depth. So when we were looking for the perfect labels for two stunning wines we tasted, it was Harriett’s artwork that completed the full spectrum of our experience.

We are incredibly honored to have Harriett’s paintings, Sunshine & Lollipops and Colour Reigns on wines in our September / October 2021 Crush Collection.

But we are equally blessed to be in a position to introduce you to this beautiful artist. Harriett has many more paintings for you to explore on her website, and we do encourage you to check them out. There is a very good chance that Harriett's work will make future appearances on bottles we plan to feature in our on-going Artist Series. She is so talented and her artwork is as crush-worthy as the wines we've placed under her labels!


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