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Behind the Scenes at Major Crush by Sonja Zant

Behind the Scenes at Major Crush by Sonja Zant

I prefer to hover behind the scenes because, for me, that’s where all of my creativity comes alive! As an author and storyteller, observing everything that’s happening around me and finding the story scattered within the mess of details is so satisfying.

So I guess that’s how I ended up being the producer of the Major Crush Winecast, and eventually, the creative worker-bee inside of what I like to think of as the Major Crush Universe! There’s so much going on in the wine industry, and I’m certain that I’ll never run out of beautiful stories or unique experiences to explore.

In the past, I’ve produced other projects for my husband (Lou Zant), and certainly, I’ve found a sense of purpose and a place to put my ideas to good use in those endeavors, too. But with Major Crush, the work I’m doing just feels…different.

Maybe it’s the fact that I have more experience as a producer and storyteller than I’ve ever had before, but I don’t think so. No…I think the reason I’m inspired by what I’m doing is that I know everyone on the Major Crush team loves wine first and foremost, and that love makes all the difference in the kind of content I can help to produce.

Nothing I do is ever perfect.

In fact, our flaws are easy to spot! And as the producer, director, and creative project manager of this start-up company, I can’t hide behind a lot of the smoke-and-mirrors a high-budget production company can create. And while I do wish I could hit that high-note of perfection in everything I produce, I know the only truly good thing about what we put out shows up in Meredith & Lou’s authentic joy whenever they’re talking about wine. It’s their passionate pursuits in the world of wine that gives me the confidence I need to keep growing as their producer — and, it’s also the measure I use to judge the quality of the work, not the perfection.


I know as we gain momentum I can always do more, learn more, and add more to the production value of the podcasts and videos we release, but you simply can’t fake the kind of love Meredith & Lou have for wine. And the honesty and integrity in their passion opens up creative opportunities that only promise to inspire exciting ideas and possibilities for me behind the scenes at Major Crush in the days to come!



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