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Behind the Scenes Part 2: Working with My Husband by Sonja Zant

Behind the Scenes Part 2: Working with My Husband by Sonja Zant

If you were a fly on the wall in my cottage, this would be a very real conversation you might overhear between my husband, Lou, and myself:

LOU: Baby, remember that Russian River Pinot we tasted a few weeks ago?

ME: Um, not really. I know we tasted some Pinot, but can you be more specific?

LOU: It was a Dijon clone and I kept saying how much I love the nose on it…?

ME: Well, maybe not that specific… Do you remember the shirt I was wearing that day by any chance?

I’ll admit I’ve gotten a lot more knowledgable about wine since I started producing the Major Crush Winecast — even if Lou hasn’t become more observant about the shirts I wear whenever we’re tasting them! But honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever know enough about wine to keep up with Lou (and Meredith!)

As my husband’s content producer, the things I focus on are very different than what Lou is thinking about whenever he’s getting ready to add a wine to The Crush Collection. And I have a pretty big mental archive of wardrobe and location details from every recording session we do, as well other tricky elements I had to work-around while filming or recording on location. And while the wine is always very important to me, it’s the way I try to capture Lou and Meredith’s passion for wine that matters the most.

I must confess, it’s not easy “producing” my husband, and if it weren’t for Meredith, I do have to wonder if I would be the right person for the job! Lou doesn’t enjoy taking direction from me the way Meredith seems to, yet I know he trusts me. And while I’m sure they could find someone better at sound and videoing editing than I am, there’s literally no one in the world who cares more about these two little wine geeks than I do.

But now, with three seasons of the show under my belt, I’ve finally realized that the sweet spot for me when producing and creating content for Lou & Mere is to get out of the way. As I suggested at the start of this blog, hanging out like a fly on the wall (with recording equipment tangled around my neck) always creates the best content for Major Crush. That approach keeps the content unvarnished, humble, and truly welcoming, and by only adding my two cents here and there, everything I put out reveals exactly who Lou and Meredith really are.

At the core of it all, I care so much about these two that I’ll never stop trying to do my best work for Lou & Mere. And you know what? I’ll even dig deeper into my memory bank to recall that the Russian River Pinot Lou was asking about is a 2017, and the winemaker was a new friend Lou met at his monthly winemaker’s lunch. And because I’m the kind of girl that likes to answer all of the questions I’m asked, I’ll also find a way to remember that I was wearing my favorite periwinkle blue “Talk Nerdy to Me” T-shirt Meredith gave me for my birthday on the day we tasted that wine together.

Because for me, producing my husband is all about keeping track of the details.


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