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Behind the Scenes Part 3: My Friendship with Meredith by Sonja Zant

Behind the Scenes Part 3: My Friendship with Meredith by Sonja Zant

The picture in the header of this post pretty much sums it up when it comes to my friendship with Meredith. We’re “in tune” with one another, and I can’t imagine my life without Mere because I love so many things about her.

Whenever we exchange emails about an upcoming interview for the podcast or toss around ideas for posts we could put up on social media, it’s as if Meredith and I have been sharing one creative brain! We seem to zero in on the same details, and when it comes to the pre-production efforts I make for a podcast or tasting video, everything gets so much better because Meredith cares about everything with the same kind of intensity as I do.

Meredith adds so much to my life, but she’s also become someone who brings out the best in my husband and in me. The “geeky chemistry” Lou and Mere have when it comes to wine is fun for me to witness. Lou likes to be spontaneous and in the moment, while Mere always feels better when she’s done her research and has one of her laminated tasting sheets nearby — just in case. From my point of view, Lou lightens Mere up by constantly keeping her on her toes, and Mere adds accuracy and substance to every interview, video, or tasting debate I am privy to as their producer.

And as much as Lou needs Meredith, Meredith and I both really need Lou. If starting the Major Crush Winecast was left up to Meredith & me, we might not have started it at all! Our quest for perfection and doing everything “right,” could’ve prevented us from sticking our necks out and going for something we couldn’t predict or control. And even now, I get hung up from time to time when the sound quality of an interview went wonky, or the cropping of one of my videos caught something I didn’t mean to include in the frame.

But Mere never lets me beat myself up.

Instead, she gathers me up and helps me figure out the best plans for moving forward. I never want to let Mere or Lou down, but the genuine friendship at the heart of everything between the three of us makes that feel impossible. It’s our friendship and the commitment to Mere & Lou’s passion for wine that holds everything together as we keep expanding our ideas into bigger things.

As I’ve said in other posts on our blog, the quality of the Major Crush Winecast stems from the quality of the people we feature on the show — whether it’s the people we interview or just our hosts! But Mere sets the bar pretty high for me in so many ways. Her kindness, attention to detail, and her incredible passion for wine are unmistakable — but it’s her friendship that gives me something to be thankful for every single day!


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