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Blog 5 // Wine Discovery WOW! by Meredith Griffin

Blog 5 // Wine Discovery WOW! by Meredith Griffin

I think one of the reasons I fell in love with wine is because of those moments when a wine transcends beyond the sense of smell and taste to consume your entire being. A wine that makes me pause and reflect. These occasions are rare, thus worthy of sharing!

One of the wines we were required to taste as part of the WSET tasting component was a Recioto della Valpolicella DOCG from Italy. First, let me tell you what a Recioto is…

Valpolicella is the region it comes from in Northern Italy and it’s made predominantly from the Corvina grape. If you're familiar with Amarone, it’s the same grape that makes Amarone. The grapes for both wines are dried after they’ve been harvested, which concentrates the sugar in the grapes. Fermentation of the wine for Recioto creates a sweet, full body dessert-like wine.

I typically do not drink sweet wine because they are too sweet. Therefore, I was somewhat dreading tasting this wine, but it’s required to know all wine styles. The sip had barely touched my tongue when I began to experience ecstasy…Honestly! That’s the only word to express my feeling!

The wine was balanced with sweetness and depth of flavor — dried red fruits like strawberry and red cherry, plus notes of vanilla, chocolate, coffee, almond. All these flavors continued to linger on my palate for minutes as I just sat and savored in stillness.

It was not an easy wine to find— nor was it inexpensive— but it was truly worth the experience. The only thing missing was a companion to share it with!


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