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BRUNCH by Sonja Zant

BRUNCH by Sonja Zant

I love brunch!

It’s a bit more special than breakfast, and it’s a lot more social than lunch…

When someone invites me to join them for brunch, it inspires all kinds of happy feelings inside of me because the food and wine that’s often served at brunch tends to be so much more surprising! I mean, when do you ever eat a bing-cherry and cream cheese blintz as a main course with a side of breakfast enchilada casserole? Or an asparagus, tomato, and goat cheese frittata with a thin slice of prime rib with horseradish sauce on the side?

You only eat those combos when you’re having BRUNCH!

Normally, I prefer things in my life to be expected, plain, and kind of predictable, but when you say the word BRUNCH, there’s suddenly this instant permission for naughty things to mingle with nice ones, and no one seems to feel bad about it — including me!!

That’s why we decided to make brunch our theme for the May 2021 Crush Collection because we wanted to extend April’s theme to Gather into a brand new month! But this time around, we wanted to give you a different reason to bring the people in your life together, and an inspired brunch just seems like the perfect reason!

Whether you’re celebrating the moms in your life on Mother’s Day, or looking for a fun way to purge the leftovers in your fridge, gathering the people you love around a brunch table filled with food and flowing with our wines is the most excellent way to spend a lazy day this May!

I know that sometimes brunch can get kind of fancy, and we did pick out some truly beautiful wines that can handle that kind of dazzle! But mostly, we wanted to give this month that easy, Sunday-morning feeling that can be simply shared with others.


P.S. What are the craziest things you’ve paired on your plate at a brunch? Whether it’s wine or food, we want to know -- so post in the comment section!

 Be on the lookout for a couple more blog posts this month that are all about BRUNCH! We have ideas and bits of inspiration to share, and you’re always our favorite people to share with!



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