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BRUNCH PART 2 by Sonja Zant

BRUNCH PART 2 by Sonja Zant

When we say brunch, we hope that word creates a sense of inclusion!

The idea of gathering loads of friends and loved ones together to share a meal and our delicious wines is the ultimate vision for us at Major Crush. And while it’s true that you can’t share our wines with the children and pets in your life, we think that just like you, they should know they’re ALWAYS WELCOME!

So here are just a couple of tips for adding children and pets to your brunch gatherings!

Tip One: Add a Touch of Fancy

Nothing elevates a meal more simply than paying attention to the details. So if you have a group of kids attending your brunch, let them choose a special glass — maybe even a wine glass or flute if they can handle that much fancy— for sipping their kid-appropriate beverage at your brunch! Everything about a brunch is out of the ordinary, and when it comes to the food that’s served, you’re already coloring a little bit outside the lines! 

Tip Two: Keep it Together

It’s quite tempting to create a kid’s table when you’re hosting a more adult-oriented gathering with food and wine, but the truth is, that can be the setup for a lot of extra work. So if you do have children in the mix for your easy brunch, embrace their company! To add an extra touch of joy to the meal, let the kids help with the table set up or maybe even the flowers! One of the best things about brunch, in our opinion, is that the food and the people can be all over the place, but there’s truly is something more relaxing about a mid-day meal that lets some of the weekday rules slide a little!

Tip Three: Furry Friends Are Welcome

At Major Crush, we are a dog-friendly bunch! And while we know pets at a gathering can throw a wild card into the mix, they can also add a lot of happiness — especially if you plan. We love the idea of having some dog-friendly treats to share, but something that might be even more important is creating different seating options for your friends with pets so they can still stay connected to your brunch while keeping an eye on their four-legged buddies. So that might mean creating seating clusters that allow people to experience that connection without overwhelming a larger group with a pet who might not handle crowds as well!

But the most important tip of all is this:

Just enjoy the simple pleasures in your life this month with all of the people and pets you love!



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