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Chenin Blanc + Viognier by Lou Zant

Chenin Blanc + Viognier by Lou Zant

In case you were wondering, white blends, like our 2020 Stormy Edges Chenin Blanc + Viognier,  are a relatively recent trend — especially for me.

As a guy, who at one time, only drank white wine when I was with my sister, I was much more familiar with single varietal whites like Chard and Sauv Blanc. But if you know me at all from five seasons of the podcast and a full year of curating the Crush Collection with Meredith, then you probably get that white wines can create the setup for a playground of experiences I’ve come to absolutely love. And because my mind is open, when Meredith and I found this beautiful California 50%-50% Chenin Blanc/Viognier white blend, I was so excited about what this wine can offer our club members as we head into the holiday season.

Part of the beauty of a wine like this is how the two grape varietals are harvested and then blended by an expert winemaker. The Chenin Blanc is typically harvested at a low sugar level — which helps to maintain distinctively bright fruit characteristics and low alcohol — while the Viognier is most commonly picked at a higher sugar level to help capture the floral notes and that amazing mouth-feel and viscosity I love so much. So when the winemaker blends these two grapes — picked at the peak of their individual perfection — what comes together in the bottle is a beautiful new wine experience!

I love how the Stormy Edges is the kind of white wine that is complex enough to hold up as the weather shifts and colder temperatures are the norm across America. Craving a white wine on a hot afternoon is kind of a no-brainer in the Spring and Summer, but a white wine doesn’t usually come to mind when all of a sudden, it’s sweater weather. 

But I promise you.

This white blend will.

The luxurious texture and this wine’s ability to pair with a decadent starter (like warm brie smothered with a cranberry compote) or with a perfectly roasted turkey (served with all the fixins’) make it such a fun wine to share with friends and family this time of year. So don’t be worried about pulling the cork on this white blend in November and December.

It’s filled with discovery and amazing flavors that are sure to please!



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