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Colour Reigns: The Origin Story by Sonja Zant

Colour Reigns: The Origin Story by Sonja Zant

We chose the painting, Colour Reigns, from the stirring collection of art painted by Harriett Hritz because we thought it would be beautiful on a bottle of our wine. But when we learned more about the painting, the only bottle of wine that could possibly stand up to the origin story of this painting was a beautiful red blend.

As a continuation of the expressions Harriett worked on during Lent of 2021, this yearning to find a sense of peace and comfort hiding within the unknowns informed every detail she painted on her canvas. Sometimes she filled her brush with dark paint, and sometimes she loaded it up with bright color, but with each glide of the brush down the surface, the colors all came together in a way where the beauty was amplified by the dark and the light.

Life is always a mixture of dark and light experiences, yet each experience adds something to the whole. You can’t appreciate the good times without the bad, and in many ways, you’ll never survive the bad times without the hope you experience in the good. So all you can do is let every colour reign down on you and take each moment as it comes.

When Meredith and Lou look for a well-made California red blend, they really do look for a blend where “the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.” Each berry that is crushed and added to the wine contributes something authentic to the expression in your glass.

Unlike a single varietal, a blend relies on your senses to seek out the hidden notes and surprises that are released as the wine opens in your glass. It is a wine that represents a greater spectrum of color, flavor, and life, and it is for this reason we knew the 2016 North Coast Red Wine Blend was a wine that could truly let Colour Reign

NOTE:  This painting was first hung in the Florida Cancer Specialists, LRW, FL treatment area to give light, peace, and hope to every patients' journey.

To see more artwork by Harriett Hritz, check out her website, www.HHRIZTartist.com


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