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Covered by Sonja Zant

Covered by Sonja Zant

It’s safe to say that if you’ve been following our podcast, our blogs, or getting to know anything about Major Crush from social media or our Facebook Community, then you know Mere & Lou love wine.

Every month, they’ve “got you covered” with the Crush Collection, and everyone on our team works so hard to make sure people feel welcome and connected through the perfect glass of wine! It’s our absolute pleasure to do this, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

But sometimes…a bottle of wine “covers” things in a less-than-awesome way, because very often, SPILLS HAPPEN.

And when they do, a wine stain can be a total bummer.

But I’m used to it, and the fact is, I am an expert at getting wine stains out. (My not-so-secret is Tide Original, by the way. I’d bet my life on that stuff!) So far, everyone on our immediate team has put me to the test on this humble brag of mine when they’ve brought me a favorite piece of clothing that has a seemingly impossible stain to clean, and every time, I deliver!

But just the other day, when we got back from a trip to Tampa to meet with our ad agency, a truly terrible stain situation occurred. We were given a couple of bottles of wine to sample for an upcoming podcast interview while we were on the road, and so I put it in my suitcase. I thought it was safe and secure, but… Nope.

When I pulled the bag off the conveyor belt at SFO, the smell of harvest in the Wine Country hit me hard. That distinctive aroma of fermented grapes gave me this unexpected jolt because we’ve only just hit bud-break, and on top of that, I was still IN THE AIRPORT!! But for some reason, it never dawned on me that the wine bottle in my suitcase had busted open.

And then I got home…
Unzipped by bag…
And a flood of wine and glass poured out on the bed!

I jumped into cleaning mode and immediately gathered every stitch of wine-soaked clothing (and the bedding) into a pile and assessed the damage. To say it was the worst wine-stain experience of my life is an understatement.


But I didn’t panic. I just sorted all of the clothing into “like” piles and then started dousing the piles in a thick, generous coating of Tide Original. I used nearly half of my supply, but if you know me at all, then you know I had a backup jug! After the clothes sat for 20 minutes, I scooped everything up and put all of the clothes in the washing machine with one more slick of Tide O coating the bottom of the washer.

I ran the “super clean cycle” on my washer, and low-and-behold, 45 minutes later, every single wine-soaked item of clothing looked as if nothing had ever happened!! The wine came right out!! It was like some kind of laundry miracle — except it wasn’t, because I already felt sure Tide Original would get the wine out with no drama!

The way Lou & Mere marvel about an amazing wine is similar to the way I marvel about my Tide Original. I sincerely have a passion for that glorious blue liquid…and I can’t think of anything I’m more devoted to than Tide. So I wanted to share this post with you because, at some point, you’re gonna need to know how to get a wine stain out.

And when I think of my contributions to the wine drinking experience as a whole, I love the idea that in this way, I’ve got you covered, too!


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