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Expanding the Crush by Sonja Zant

Expanding the Crush by Sonja Zant

I always tell people, "I flirt with wine, but Meredith & Lou absolutely crush on it!"

They study it, ponder it, critique it, romanticize it, and sincerely enjoy every single thing about how it’s grown, made, and shared. And even when I’m not recording them for one of their podcasts or tasting videos, Meredith & Lou are always talking about wine — even if no one else is listening!

The great news is, people are listening to our podcast — in fact, we just finished our third season! And what I’ve noticed is that being around that kind of authentic energy has attracted others. Of course, this mix of others includes storied winemakers and valued wine industry contributors, as well as our faithful podcast fans and followers. But rather recently, we’ve added a few new passionate friends who have decided to lock arms with us and add their perspectives to what we’ve started to build at Major Crush.

We’re excited to have Lars Williamson & Josh Martin of Blank Wines, as well as our buddy, Ethan Glago, on our team. All three of these guys represent the “next generation of wine drinkers,” and Meredith & Lou love exploring the world of wine with them! Whether they are doing a blind tasting challenge (“young palates vs. seasoned palates”) or selecting new wines to feature in one of our collections, having these three guys around has added so much to our experiences.

As for me, it’s a real privilege to help Lars & Josh figure out fresh new ways to help the next generation of potential wine lovers learn and discover all sorts of unique ways to appreciate wine as more than just a beverage. So in January 2021, the Major Crush Winecast will be releasing a spin-off podcast series hosted by the Blank Wines guys called What the Blank — and, your’s truly will be producing it as well!

We’re only in the pre-production phase right now, but I can already tell this new podcast is going to be very different from the one I produce for Meredith & Lou. Lars & Josh are on their own wine journey — even though their passions and their ultimate destination are so similar to Mere & Lou’s. But Blank Wines is focused on Millennials, and the way that generation moves through life is unique. They respond to information and facts differently than other generations, and their expectations in life are informed by the technologies that have always been central to their daily lives.

But after doing this for a while with Mere & Lou, what I see is that wine creates a beautiful common ground for every generation of wine consumer, and exploring that terrain together — and discussing the nuances and artisan qualities of well-made wines — creates something I believe everyone craves in this world: connection.

In the same way that the Major Crush Winecast has helped to create a real and relevant wine-connection to our listeners, we strongly suspect that What the Blank will be able to do the same thing for the next generation of wine lovers waiting to hear and learn more.

The only thing we know for certain that it’s time to expand the crush, and I couldn’t be more excited to see what’s in store for everyone on our team, all of our current fans and followers, and everyone we’ve yet to meet in 2021!


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