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Getting Along at Major Crush by Lou Zant

Getting Along at Major Crush by Lou Zant

We’re doing our second interactive webinar on March 18 for people who work in human resources or corporate team building — and we’re pretty excited about it! But it’s not like we’re experts in this area, or even qualified to give advice…

However, working with wine and with a team of people who represent every age decade from 60 to 20 does give us some perspectives to share on how to get along with each other in the workplace!

Major Crush is technically a start-up wine company, but in so many ways, it feels like everyone on our team has been doing something to make our company what it’s becoming for a long time.

We laugh all the time that “R&D” when you’re working with wine is a lot of fun, but the fact is, I’ve been doing “research and development” since the 1970s! Learning what my palate likes and evolving my understanding of how wine is made has given me this wonderful base of knowledge that I’m always excited to share. And, I’ve been a high-level business executive multiple times throughout my 40-year-business career — which has to count for something!

And while my younger co-founder, Meredith Griffin, hasn’t been “researching” wine as long as I have, she does have at least a decade of personal wine experience under her belt, and, she is literally investing her time into the study of wine as she pursues her Wine and Spirit Education Trust Level 4 Diploma. The two of us align very well and we have a certain kind of shorthand from doing our podcast for four seasons that makes working together really fun. So drawing on our backgrounds and our love of wine, together, we’ve founded Major Crush on two of the core values that we hold to in everything we do:

The wines we drink must create an experience…

And, that experience has to inspire connection.

The connection element is probably my favorite thing we focus on, and for us, connecting with the next generation of wine consumers is critically important to us. It’s a fact across the span of all industries worldwide, the Millennial generation (which is broadly defined as people who are between 25 - 40 years old) is taking over from the Baby Boomers as the largest consumer audience.

This is why we decided to partner with Josh Martin and Lars Williamson, the co-founders of Blank Wines to help us build this vision. Both Josh and Lars went to college for the wine business, so immediately, they had some essential wine business knowledge and were privy to the tricky nature of our industry. And at age 24, what they lack in personal wine consuming experience, they both make up for in a natural affinity for wine and a solid understanding of their palates!

We’ve been working in tight connection as a team for less than a year, and so it’s safe to say, we are all starting to see each other’s strengths and weakness with more honesty, now — and, we’ve weathered a lot of challenges (like COVID and the impact of the shut-downs) within our industry. Plus, start-ups are stressful!!! And so right away, it was easy to spot our need for team building and mentoring. Every single one of us needed to learn from each other — and the best way we discovered to do that is to use wine as our guide!

In our workshop, we plan to model a few of the things we’ve figured out to develop our team using wine — and if we can pull it off well enough, maybe you’ll find a few takeaways that could help you get along with the Millennial on your team, too!


[If you want to join our workshop, click here to reserve your seat! At Major Crush, YOU'RE ALWAYS WELCOME!]



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