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Major Crush Brand Identities by Crush the Intern

Major Crush Brand Identities by Crush the Intern


ASSIGNED TASK: Learn Company Brand Identities


There are lots of things going on at Major Crush, so my internship keeps me pretty busy. But I’ve been settling into my “SOHO” office — which is a cozy space with lots of things to chew on and snuggle with inside of it, so I’m feeling pretty good!

But this week, my manager said I need to start with the basics.

Major Crush is a wine company, but it seems to me that giving people ways to connect and enjoy wine together is what it’s all about. I guess that’s why K-9 Relations is so essential — dogs are good at making people feel happy and welcome! My mentor, Chase Griffin, has already set a good example for me, so I'll just follow his lead.

The name of the whole company is Major Crush, but there are other names to remember, too. Like the Major Crush Winecast, which is the podcast that the company co-founders, Lou Zant and Meredith Griffin started in 2019. They just kicked off their fourth season of the show where they interview winemakers, wine educators, chefs — and even people who know a lot about CHEESE (which I love, by the way!)

Then there’s the Crush Collection, which Lou and Meredith created after people who like their podcast said they wanted to taste the wines they talk about on the show. So every month, they pick out four new wines and then share the stories behind those wines, and teach people how to make yummy foods to pair with them — so maybe they can have a party and drink the wines with their friends? I like that idea a lot!

And since people like to share the Crush Collection wines anyway, Lou and Meredith decided to create a special club called the Major Crush Wine Club. It’s easy to join this club — all you have to do is decide you want to be in it! Then, every time a member refers a friend to the Crush Collection, and that friend starts getting the monthly wines, too, the wine club member earns a little money! It's simple and easy. All you have to do is drink wine, refer friends, repeat! (Even I can see the fun in that!)

Then there’s Blank Wines — which I think is pretty cool. I met the co-founders of this division of Major Crush (Josh and Lars) the other night when they came over to share some wine with Lou and my manager. Those two guys are really good for me to be around because they are all about helping people who are new to wine go from wine interest to wine informed. They have a four-bottle-a-month club, too, and just like Lou and Meredith, they go out of their way to find fun and welcoming ways to help people discover everything that’s so wonderful about wine!

I’m told that someday soon, I’m going to need to learn one more thing about my new company. The team is building the Major Crush Wine App to help create an even greater sense of community around wine — but for now, knowing all of the main brand identities is about all I can handle!

Even though it seems like a lot of different things are happening at Major Crush, the fact is, if you just remember it’s all about wine and staying connected to other people, you totally understand what we’re all about. And so far, every time I hear someone pull the cork on a bottle of wine, everyone sticks around a little longer and gives me extra pats on the head and rubs on my tummy. Which is great, because I like that...a lot!

So far...I really like working at Major Crush!

See you next week!



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