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More Than One Kind, by Sonja Zant

More Than One Kind, by Sonja Zant

Just like there is more than one kind of wine, there’s also more than one kind of mother.

And within the “kinds of wine” and the “kinds of mothers,” there are even more nuances and differences that make each “kind” truly unique! So when I think about raising a glass of wine to all of the mothers out there on Mother’s Day, it blows my mind to think of all of the wines and people I need to consider!

But for now, let’s keep the focus on the mothers. There are…

Biological Mothers

Adopted Moms

Step Mothers



Surrogate  Moms


Dog Moms

Cat Moms…

And the list goes on. But for me, any person who is regarded as a source of nurture and support fits the definition of a mother in my book!

I have to confess that Mother’s Day is a bitter-sweet holiday for me because I had a mother worth celebrating 365 days a year, but she left me way too soon. In fact, this will be the 19th Mother’s Day where all I can toast is the memory of my mother, and sometimes, being reminded of that makes me feel blue.

But I’m one of those people who is blessed to count so many women in my life as “mother figures” and mentors, and so when I take a step back and open up my heart, the joy of celebrating the human kindness commonly known as mothering is truly quite remarkable!

So I think this Mother’s Day, my heart is extra full and wide open to pour out the love to all the mothers in our midst. There is no single wine that’s the perfect choice for toasting such an eclectic and unique group of people, so the only thing I can do is pick my favorite wine and let the joy bubble and spill over onto you!

So here’s to all the moms in the world:

May you always gain more than you give from the spirit of motherhood, and may your glass be filled to the brim with the love of the people (and the pets) you nurture every day!



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