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My WSET Education Journey - Part 2: Wine Business by Meredith Griffin

My WSET Education Journey - Part 2: Wine Business by Meredith Griffin

This month, I began the second part of the WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines — Wine Business. This is definitely not the sexy part of wine, but it is needed and valuable to understand. The biggest take away to this point, for me, is all the hands a wine passes through to get to us.

There are so many people and components to this process we never consider when we sip a glass of wine.

My buddy Lou and I get the opportunity to visit vineyards and sit down with winemakers all the time during our Major Crush podcast recordings. We know we are truly fortunate to have these opportunities to see where the grapes grow, hear the story of the wines, and taste the wines right then and there. And I can say that our greatest joy is helping to bring these wine stories to life in our podcasts!

Yet, we often overlook that the wine community extends to those who are responsible for wines that end up on our doorsteps. Lou and I can often walk away with a few bottles (or cases) from the wineries we visit, but many people don’t have that luxury. And now, since I live in New Orleans, I, too, rely on home delivery.

Winemakers are putting a great deal of trust in services that transport their “bottled passion” to wine drinkers all over the world. Thus, they become part of the community and yet another link in our connectedness.

If you purchase wine at a local wine shop or market, then there are even more hands who have helped bring that wine to you. And those hands are just as valued and respected in the big picture. Those people are helping others experience wine, and at the end of the day, that's the most important thing!

So, the next time you open up a bottle of wine, I'd like to offer up an intention: Give gratitude to all those who are part of this chain responsible for the wine you're sipping, and think about how every person in the flow connects you to an entire wine community!


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