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PIVOT, by Sonja Zant

PIVOT, by Sonja Zant

Have you ever stumbled upon a word that sums things up so well that you find yourself using it all the time?

For me, it’s the word pivot.

I like the way that word organizes itself in my mind like an agile basketball player in squeaky high-tops running down the court in one direction, but who then stops to handle a errant bounce-pass and without missing a beat, pivots on the ball of his foot, and charges down the court in the opposite direction to keep his team in the game.

The ability to change directions like that is almost elegant in my mind, and I can’t help but marvel at the athleticism and grace of a player who’s fully “in the game” like that.

I, however, am not a basketball player, and while I may have had some athletic abilities in my younger days, these days, making a physical change of direction often leaves me with an actual injury! (Case in point: I recently hurt my back rolling over in bed… Enough said.)

But the reality of my life as a content producer for Major Crush & the Crush Collection has created a need to be creatively agile. We don’t typically have the luxury of planning things out very far in advance, or setting things in motion with a lot of predictability or control over how things will ultimately play out. We’re a start-up… So that means we get started and never let up, all the while knowing that everything we do is subject to a change or two along the way!

But another thing about the word pivot that is so inspiring to me is that it has an inherent element of being grounded. It’s like in order to properly pivot and handle a major momentum shift, you still need at least one foot firmly planted in place, you know what I mean?

Maybe that’s the reason why I find so much security in the word pivot. For every change we make, or plan we decide to adjust, there’s always a grounded reason that takes into account the bigger picture or frames up the vision more ideally.

I won’t lie and pretend that I wouldn’t love it if the momentum we have going on was always rolling one way or the other in my world. And I also won’t act like all I ever do is spin my wheels or catch myself in a scramble. But I will say that the things that always make me certain about Major Crush never change:

Meredith & Lou are grounded in their vision and their mutual love of wine.

The Wine Country is full of amazing stories and wines that we know people will love to experience.

And, there is a lot of opportunity to connect with people when your earnest passions create all of your momentum in the first place…

Perhaps these tasting notes we prepared for our Pivot Collection of wines will sum things up more clearly:

Life moves fast, and knowing how to pivot from one moment to the next is almost an art-form. The Pivot Collection is that kind of wine. It is so versatile and easy to enjoy that no matter what life serves up, you'll always have a delicious red wine that hits all the right notes and makes a change of plans taste like a moment of inspired spontaneity! 



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