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Prosecco Versus Champagne by Meredith "Miss Bubbles" Griffin

Prosecco Versus Champagne by Meredith "Miss Bubbles" Griffin

I love all bubbles! While Champagne is considered the gold standard and “the best” sparkling, there are so many other delicious sparkling wines in the world that can be enjoyed at lower price points, and… one of those is Prosecco!

First, let’s talk about what these two types of bubbles have in common.

Both Champagne and Prosecco are named for the region in where the wines are produced and they are both protected -- meaning, only wines from Champagne can be called Champagne, and only wines from Prosecco in Northeast Italy can be called Prosecco. And, both are often non-vintage, which means they are rarely made with grapes from just one year. Why? Because often the goal is to create a consistent “house-style” of sparkling wine, and blending vintages helps achieve this. One final similarity is both Champagne and Prosecco can be made in a range from sweetness to dry -- and what a fun range to explore!

So now let’s move on to the differences…

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier are the three grapes allowed in Champagne — and the wine is required to be made in what’s called the traditional method. Without going into too much detail, this method requires the second fermentation, which is when the bubbles (CO2) are captured, and it's done in the bottle. This technique creates a sparkling wine with more texture and nutty, bread-like aromas and flavors.

Glera is the only grape varietal allowed to make Prosecco. Like Champagne, it goes through a second fermentation, however, with Prosecco, the fermentation occurs in the tank rather than in the bottle. This method creates a lighter, fruitier style of sparkling wine -- which makes it a perfect aperitif or pairing for light appetizers.


Other types of bubbles include: 
• Crémant from France (a region outside of Champagne) 
• Cava from Spain
• Sekt from Germany 
• And there are some beautiful sparkling wines from many New World countries, like the United States. 

Bubbles are a symbol of festivity, and it’s quite possible that I’ve become known as Miss Bubbles because I believe in celebrating the magic of even the most ordinary day!



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