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Screw It! I give in... by Lou Zant

Screw It! I give in... by Lou Zant

When it comes to the debate over corks versus screw caps, I can’t help but feel divided.

In Season Three, Episode 12 of our podcast, Meredith and I debate this topic because over the course of that season, it seemed like so many of the top winemakers we interviewed were putting their wines under screw caps.

I know the technology has come a long way — and you can even argue that a screw cap benefits the aging of wine better in the long-run. But for me…I still can’t get 100% on board. Pulling the cork on one of my best red wines is almost like a ritual for me, and since I’ve been pulling corks on bottles since the 70s, some habits die hard.

But you know what?

When it comes to white wine, my mind is much more open. There’s something about the way I enjoy my whites that makes a screw cap make more sense. The ease of the twist off cap when enjoying a white wine in the park seems to add to the ease of the wine itself, and I’m absolutely not bothered by it one bit!

One of the many things I love about wine is the fact that hard-and-fast-opinions are like low-hanging fruit when you’re spending time with a couple of friends and experiencing a new wine. Ideas and long-held opinions are ripe for expressing, and when it comes to a bottle of wine, it’s what pours out that ultimately matters most to me!



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