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Sneak Peak - Compliments of Major Crush Winecast

Sneak Peak - Compliments of Major Crush Winecast

One of the many things that can make wine so mysterious (and, let’s be honest, kind of intimidating) is the fact that you have to pull the cork to experience it.

You can read the label, hear the stories, and even have someone you trust to tell you all about the wine… But there’s nothing else that’s quite as convincing as experiencing the wine for yourself.

But once you pull that cork, the wine’s lifecycle is officially on the clock!

Now you only have hours to experience every nuance of the wine before oxygenation takes the wine through its final journey.

That’s the reason some clever engineers (who were presumably wine lovers, too!) came up with this incredible device called a Coravin that allows a hallow needle to push through the cork while simultaneously filling the bottle with argon gas to pressurize the bottle. Then, with the press of a button on the device itself, a small amount of wine can be poured through the needle and into a glass without exposing the wine to any oxygenation. Once the needle is pulled out of the cork, the cork reseals, protecting the wine and leaving the wine unaffected.

It’s an ingenious concept and one that winemakers and tasting room hosts use all the time to help unlock the stories living underneath the cork so they can be served up one leisurely sip at a time!

We’re so excited to be in a position to give a Coravin to a lucky winner through a giveaway we’ve got going on right now. We’ve extended the chance to win one of these highly prized devices to our podcast listeners this week, but now we wanted to include you in all the fun, too!

If you’re currently a subscriber to our podcast, and you want to enter to win, all you have to do is go to:


Then, during our final episode of Season Four of the Major Crush Winecast, we will be interviewing the one and only Angelina Mondavi, and that’s when we will announce the winner!

So be sure and enter to win!

At Major Crush, we’re all about coming up with new ways for you to experience the best bottles of wine we can find, and giving you a way to have a “sneak peak” just seems like a fun way to get you started on your wine journey with us!


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May 08, 2021 • Posted by Lynne Kephart

I would love to Win and fill this fridge with your Wines! Thank you!

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