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Stormy Edges by fine artist Harriett Hritz

Stormy Edges by fine artist Harriett Hritz

It has been so much fun for us to find wines to put under our own labels, but it’s even better when the label itself is loaded with all the inspiration we could possibly need for selecting a perfect wine!

When we started looking through the paintings by fine artist Harriett Hritz, we were instantly drawn to the oil painting we’re calling Stormy Edges. It’s part of a series of paintings Harriett has created over the past year and it plays with silver linings and clouds that promise hope even in the midst of their darkening.

Meredith & Lou were in search of the perfect label to grace the bottle of their latest white wine crush — a 2020 California Chenin Blanc + Viognier White Blend — and right away, we all knew this wine could live up to this moody yet aspirational work of art. The complexity of two distinctive white wine varietals like Chenin Blanc and Viognier have a similar tension found inside of this painting. There is a 50-50 mixture of light and dark, hope and angst, and grace and luck in this image — and when you pour yourself your first glass of this wine, you’ll undoubtedly discover the same juxtaposition of experiences.

Harriett’s paintings always have a spiritual story contained within the brush strokes. But it is her willingness to share the highs and lows that happen in life in her artwork that has made her a kind of creative muse for us while selecting wines for our 2021 - 2022 Crush Collections. So it is such an honor for us to present Stormy Edges to you in this shipment, and we hope you’ll embrace the melancholy and joy of the painting and experience your own story as you sip and share it!



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