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Sunshine & Lollipops - The Origin Story by Sonja Zant

Sunshine & Lollipops - The Origin Story by Sonja Zant

The moment we saw the painting entitled, Sunshine & Lollipops, we knew artist, Harriett Hritz had somehow captured the magic we could taste in our 2020 California Sauvignon Blanc!

But then of course, when we heard the origin story behind this painting, it’s as if the whole thing came together perfectly.

Harriett is mother to the most fabulous grown-ups, Kevin, Thomas, and MJ, but back when I first met her, Harriett's son, Thomas, was in elementary school. Out of the three of her children, Thomas always provided the most consistent entertainment value, and the things that would come out of his mouth were often pretty hilarious. So when Harriett said she named this painting after something Thomas said, I was all ears.

This particular painting was a form of catharsis for Harriett. During a prayerful Lent in 2021, Harriett prayed for a new perspective to help her move beyond the stress of the 2020 quarantine. She was in search of something bright and colorful and full of hope — which was something her soul was desperately craving. As the brushstrokes all came together, her desire to paint a giant hard-candy lollipop in the middle of the piece was irresistible, and the whole image clicked into place.

Harriett had always reminded her kids that hard times never last forever. Things are always going to change, and when you’re at your lowest point, the hope you have is often found in the remembrance of that simple truth. So one day, after Thomas had nearly worn Harriett and his father down with his nagging for her to drive him somewhere, Thomas rallied his voice and said, “You know mom and dad, as soon as I’m old enough to drive, your whole life is gonna be nothing but sunshine and lollipops!”

Out of the mouths of babes, our wisdom often comes pouring back to us, right?! 

But sometimes it is the hope of better days that make the days we have right now seem brighter, and as Harriett worked through her creative process, this painting became a physical representation of that wisdom. So it was beyond fitting that we used this label to represent a 2020 vintage that can enliven even a dull day and give any reality new context.

When it comes to the wines we select for the Crush Collection, you already know this: It's personal. And to share a wine with you that features a label with such a fun and innocent origin story adds that extra special kind of touch we look for in our wines. 

We hope whatever place you find yourself in your life these days that this beautiful bottle of wine will add some extra hope and joy to your days. And even if there are clouds overhead, we hope you'll remember that one day soon, your life will be nothing but sunshine and lollipops all over again!


To see more artwork by Harriett Hritz, check out her website, www.HHRIZTartist.com


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