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Keeping Promises - A Cheese Pairing Post from the Major Crush Winecast

Keeping Promises - A Cheese Pairing Post from the Major Crush Winecast

If you listened to Season Four, Episode 3 of the Major Crush Winecast, then you might be keeping track of a promise we made to our fans and followers in that episode. The promise was for James Ayers, the cheesemonger at the Sonoma Cheese Factory, to pair our February Crush Collection with some cheese.

Well…this blog is the delivery on that promise!

Our theme this month is passion, and nothing brings out our passion for wine quite like the perfect cheese pairing! And when you’ve got our four beautiful wines to open up in the Crush Collection this month, the cheese adds a new experience we’re excited to share with you!

When you’re new to cheese — like we are — it helps when James keeps things nice and simple. Oh, he can go wild with you if you want him to, but to help us get started, he paired all four of our bottles with the one cheese that can complement each wine in the most inspired way.

If you’ve listened to this episode of the podcast already, then you know what the cheese is — it’s called Foggy Morning Cheese, and it’s made in Marin County — which is super close to our hometown of Sonoma!

James (and now Lou & Meredith) aren’t the only ones who flip over this cheese. Foggy Morning Cheese has won four national cheese awards, and in 2015, Foggy Morning was named the Best Fromage Blanc style cheese made in North America!

Foggy Morning is made by Nicasio Valley Cheese Company. They hand ladle this cheese and use 100% organic farmstead cow's milk. It’s a soft, delicate cheese with a subtle tang — not unlike sour-cream — and you can spread it on a plain baguette or cracker, or scoop up a bit with your fingers and savor its wholesome goodness!

It’s incredibly rare to find one cheese that can pair with a collection of wines that includes a Prosecco, a Pinot Grigio, a Grenache, and a Red Blend — but by golly, James is right! Foggy Morning is a hit with each one!

We look forward to getting James to pair cheeses with future Crush Collections to help us better explore the world of cheese with you. But for now, it just feels so good to know we’re sharing a cheese we know you’ll enjoy with a collection we put together that’s all about creating passion!