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Taking Inventory: Part 1 by Lou Zant

Taking Inventory: Part 1 by Lou Zant

Looking back at the end of the year has always been a valuable thing for me to do. I like those end-of-the-year sports recaps and highlight reels because they remind me of how much happens in the span of a year.

But like everything, this year is gonna be different.

Obviously, the sports recaps will be severely lacking, and most of the highlights of 2020 are things that people like me are already pretty tired of thinking about. However...time spent taking inventory is still worth it to me because no matter what happens in any given year, there's always so much goodness all around me.

That might be because my world pretty much revolves around wine! And when I take inventory of the past year, I can easily see how many new friends have been added to my life because we took the time to open up a bottle of wine and share a glass or two together! Even when I've spent time with people on Zoom, sharing a wine experience is always so much fun, and that's something I can savor at the end of 2020.

I want to give a shout-out to some of the friends I've added to my life this year who helped me keep my chin up and my hopes high. The friends I've made are the highlight of the year and so I want to raise a glass to how beautifully wine connects us to each other -- no matter what's going on in the world around us!

Here's to my new friends:

Adam Lee (winemaker, Clarice Wines)
Ron Denner (owner, Denner Vineyards)
Anthony Yount (winemaker, Denner Vineyards, Kinero Cellars & Royal Nonesuch Farms)
Andrew & Evan Nelson (War Room Cellars)
Raymond Smith (winemaker Indigené Cellars)
Chef John Ash (Father of Wine Country Cuisine)
Jack Galante (owner, Galante Vineyards)
Greg Brewer (winemaker, Brewer Clifton)
Lane Tanner (winemaker, Lumen Wines)
John Wagner (owner, Peake Ranch)
Wynne Solomon (winemaker, Peake Ranch)



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