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Taking Inventory: Part 2 by Lou Zant

Taking Inventory: Part 2 by Lou Zant

While I'm taking a look back on the friends I made in 2020, it's also pretty uplifting to think about all of the fantastic wines I got to taste along the way as well. I've added so many new wines to my private collection this year, and when I look at all of the various labels on the shelves of my wine locker, I can't wait to taste them all again one day soon!

But I'm also taking a little extra time looking at my older wine inventory, too. If I can be honest, there are quite a few bottles of wine in my collection that I've been "saving" for the "right moment." When all of the stars have aligned, and there's something momentous happening that makes me want to finally pull the cork, I've had a hazy plan in the back of my mind that I'd have the perfect bottle of wine for such an occasion. But if this year has taught me anything, it's this:

The "right moment" could be "right now."

For me, there's always a good reason to open up a bottle of wine, but in my collection, I've got certain bottles that I realize I need to hold in my hands again and fully consider the value of sharing them now versus saving them for a day some time in the future.

Will a day in my life ever live up to the anticipation of one of my "big boys," or should I elevate an ordinary day to meet the excitement I feel for a bottle I've patiently waited to open?

For example, I've got a '93 Opus One tucked away. That's a big name wine, and it's arguably one of the most famous California wines people still like to talk about. But you know what? Maybe it's finally time to open it up and share it. Saving it made sense at one time...

But things have changed, and seizing the day seems more fitting than ever!

So if it's time to drink this wine, the next decision starts with taking an inventory of my buddies so I can pick the perfect friend to drink and experience this wine with me. It has to be someone who loves wine as much as I do, and, it has to be someone willing to spend time exploring every layer of the wine with me: the age, the nose, the story, the winemaking...and the finite elements that were somehow captured and hidden inside of this specific bottle of wine.

The truth is, I'm so blessed to have a lot friends who would fit the bill when it comes to savoring a special bottle of wine with me. But hands-down, my favorite buddy to celebrate everything that makes wine my passion is my podcast partner, Meredith Griffin!

So now the wine and the friend have been selected, and very soon, I'll be ready to pull the cork on a treasured bottle -- and I promise you, I'll be sure to take a mental and emotional inventory of everything I experience in that moment! But now I have one question for you:

Who do you need to open a good bottle wine with today?


Like I said, there's always a good reason —especially when you have good friends in your life who love wine!


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