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Traditions Paired with Wine by Meredith Griffin

Traditions Paired with Wine by Meredith Griffin

Traditions Paired with Wine by Meredith Griffin

There’s something about aromas that can flood your mind with memories, and one of the most vivid scents I associate with the holidays is the smell of my dad's smoker performing its magic on our Thanksgiving turkey.

Just thinking about it makes my mouth water!

This tradition has continued into my adulthood, and even if we can't be together on Thanksgiving Day, I'm so thankful there's at least one day between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day that my craving can be satisfied! (And…if I’m lucky, maybe two!)

The only difference now from when I was young is that these days, I love to find the perfect wine pairing for this flavorful meal to share with my family. And after many years of experimenting, Pinot Noir tops my list as the best pairing for my dad's smoked turkey.

This year, I’m as giddy as a child because I get to pair our very own Crush Collection Parables in Red Pinot Noir with my favorite holiday tradition! Whether we’re pairing this perfect red wine with our Thanksgiving turkey or our other traditional holiday foods, The Parables in Red is a crowd-pleaser that only adds to the enjoyment of beautifully smoked meats and a room filled with some of my favorite people in the world!

So now, let’s talk about this wine.

For Lou and me, the Parables In Red offers everything you want in a Pinot. Every sip has bursts of red and black cherries, and it has that classic texture of strawberries on silk. And the minerality and earthiness of this wine, combined with just a hint of baking spices, makes this an excellent red wine to compliment the smokey flavors of my favorite kind of turkey, as well as all of the side dishes that make Thanksgiving so indulgent.

So I’ll sign off with well-wishes to you, your friends, and your family as we ease into the holiday season! And I’ll also leave you with my very first “Pairing With Mere” suggestion:

Be sure to have a few bottles of the Parables in Red Pinot Noir on hand — especially if you love smoked turkey as much as I do!

Best wishes -


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