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My Wine Education Journey Blog Two: Holy #$%&*

My Wine Education Journey Blog Two: Holy #$%&*

My first week of this WSET Diploma process has started off with a bang!

The first five-week section is all about wine production — which is almost entirely theory.  It’s not the most sexy part of wine, yet for me, it’s actually really fascinating! What I’ve observed about the study of wine is that it requires you to  learn about a variety of subjects including: agriculture, geography, geology, enology, science, cultures, laws, language, etc, etc. As you can probably see from that list, wine is very nuanced, and every layer of it is influenced by its origins.

For instance, much of the focus in my first week has been on the vine, which then brings in the fields of botany and agriculture. But we’re also learning about soil types, which is geology… Plus, there’s the weather and how weather impacts the vines and grape growing… And then everything else just starts building from there!

The first assignment I was faced with was to decide what two varietals I want to grow — one white and one red — and where I want to grow them. And, I had to justify all of my choices based on the facts I’ve learned this week.

It would be too easy for me to choose to grow Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in Sonoma, since I know this region and these grapes that are grown here so well. But I really want to challenge myself, and so I knew picking grapes grown in a region that makes up my back yard might make things too easy. (Well. That might not be exactly true, but you get what I mean!)

Thus, I chose Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon grown in Clare Valley, Australia.

One of my rationales for picking these varietals and this region is that I want to know more about southern hemisphere grape growing regions. It’s an entirely different world “down under,” which will force me to open myself up to something different and brand new, and for me, that’s pretty exciting!

Plus… I’ve never been to Australia, so in addition to how diving into this growing region will stretch my mind, my secondary justification for learning about it is that once I know more, clearly I’ll need to visit!

(Can you say, “Major Crush Winecast Road Trip!” perhaps?)

I’ll keep you posted…


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