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What happens when you invite people to join you for a wine even, and only two people do? by Sonja Zant

What happens when you invite people to join you for a wine even, and only two people do? by Sonja Zant

Before I answer the question posed in the header image of this blog, please allow me to set the stage!

Our team at Major Crush is stepping out and trying different ways to help create a sense of community around the world of wine. It’s crazy but I’ve noticed that wine either draws people together, or it can make people feel left out. So most of my time as a Major Crush content producer is spent trying to find ways to change all of the limiting narratives around wine and shake things up so everyone has an opportunity to discover a connection to us that hopefully makes them feel welcome.

This month, we decided to put on a free webinar for HR folks about what it’s like to be on a team where our youngest members are only in their twenties, and our eldest members are in their fifties and sixties! Working with such diversified points of view can be tricky — and sometimes, our perspectives are drastically different when it coms to dealing with problems or challenges that are almost guaranteed to appear inside of a start-up.

So I created a game to put our team’s “Millennial Knowledge” and “Not Millennial Knowledge” to the test! I had so much fun thinking up the questions and trying to find ways to stump my team with personalized questions as well as generational stereotypes that I think most people can relate to on some level.

At the time that the event was set to go off, we had 66 confirmed guests — which, if I’m being honest, felt a little worrisome. I got into my head a few times with a negative inner monolog that went something like this:

What if people think the game os stupid?

What if no one laughs or plays along?

What if people are bored and all we do is make ourselves look like idiots?

All of those worries were in the back of my mind as I prepared for the event, but every time one of those thoughts interrupted me, I found that I could simply bat the thought away because I knew my team would have fun — because, the fact is, we always seem to have fun when we do things together!

So when the Zoom link when live, and only two guests (plus our adorable Millennial graphic designer named Haley) showed up in one of the little Zoom boxes on our computer screen, it was more than distracting!I I actually felt stunned!  And, in that moment, it kind of felt worse than my three other fears about looking stupid or like an idiot!! (I never even considered the idea that the turn out would be so low!!)

But the two people who showed up instantly shifted my worries because they were so incredibly kind and seemed sincerely interested in what we had planned. It was as if those two people were the only two people we needed to make the game happen, and with the addition of Haley, I felt like we had the perfect quorum to give this whole experience some added meaning.

And as I expected, my team was awesome!

We had wine and we had funny questions about each other to answer that emphasized how differently and distinctively we all do things. But as the game unfolded, it occurred to me how poetically we combine when we all settle into our mutual respect for each other and when we explore things with our great fascination with how wine always connects us to other people. I realized that our quest for that kind of wine connection is the driving force behind everything we do!

I think when you’re in the middle of doing something new — that pushes the boundaries, or challenges you to find some way to measure your successes or failures — it’s inevitable that you’re going to feel vulnerable. That’s just part of the deal, I suppose. You get to swing for the fences, but you only get so many whiffs at bat before everyone (including yourself) starts to lose confidence in you.

But with our team, even our low points feel valuable to me and like we are all in this together. The camaraderie and laughter keeps us from letting something like a low event turn out feel less embarrassing or like some kind of "fail."

This month at Major Crush, our theme for our Crush Collection is “Community.”

I’ve defined that term this way in some of my support content: Your community is made up of the people you laugh with, play with, cry with, learn with, endure hard times with, and most importantly, do life with…

So for us, the answer to the question “What happens when you invite people to join you for a wine even, and only two people do?” is this:

You enjoy the moment with your community! 

Oh! And, of course...you share a glass of wine (or two!)





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