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What's a Bordeaux Blanc? by Meredith Griffin

What's a Bordeaux Blanc? by Meredith Griffin

Most wine drinkers have heard of a red Bordeaux blend, since these are some of the most famous wine regions in the world—Saint-Émilion, Margaux—but fewer people are familiar with the white wines of Bordeaux. Maybe it’s because it makes up less than 10% of Bordeaux wine production. The primary white grapes of Bordeaux are Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon, plus Muscadelle is also often added to these blends.

The region is known to make very lean, fruity, and high acid Sauvignon Blanc because of the cool climate here, thus blending it with Sémillon balances out the acidity, adds complexity and body, while also increasing its aging ability. The best Bordeaux Blancs can age up to 20 years.

Just like California started to make Bordeaux style red wines, which are referred to as a Meritage blend, they too have started creating delicious Bordeaux Blanc style wines.

We’re thrilled to be offering one as part of May’s Crush Collection. This Bordeaux Blanc, which is 40% Sauvignon Blanc and 60% Sémillon, was one of the favorites of the entire Major Crush team!

This blend is indicative of a classic Bordeaux Blanc, which tends to exude floral, citrus, and tropical fruit notes with added honey characteristics from the Sémillon.

It’s delicious paired with shellfish and seafood! Additionally, it will be the star accompaniment to any cheese plate experience, especially if a creamy brie claims a spot on the cheese board!


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