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Rosé in the Winter? by Team Major Crush

Rosé in the Winter? by Team Major Crush

When it comes to selecting wines for the Crush Collection, we like to shake things up a little!

For our January / February Crush Collection, we decided to add a surprising winter wine that we’re sure you’re going to love — even though we know it’s one you might’ve never considered sipping on when the temperatures in your neck of the woods are the coldest of the year!

So often, even experienced wine lovers can get into a habit of thinking that wines — like Rosé, for example — are only enjoyable during one time of year. While it is absolutely true that a Rosé tastes amazing on a warmer day, if the wine is really well-made, it can be a wonderful experience any time of year!

Our 2019 Zinsicle Rosé is a perfect example of this reality, and therefore, we had to put it in one of our wintery collections. But to continue busting myths and giving you reasons to love Rosé all year long, here are a few fun facts to consider!!

Rosé was the first wine created…

Yep. You read that correctly! It was first made about 7000 BC — which amounts to major head start to reds and whites, which came thousands of years later, believe it or not! But think about it. Rosé gets its rosy color from the short amount of time it is allow to sit on the grape skins. So if you were the first people to discover wine, wouldn’t you be in a hurry to taste your creation, too?


Rosé is so special it can’t exist under just one name…

In Italy, they call this wine Rosato. In Spain, it’s Rosado. And in America, we call it Rosé primarily because in the country where they make arguably the most amazing versions of this wine (France) they have set the bar pretty high — and there’s really no need to quibble over perfection, right?


Rosé creates a wonderful “gender neutral” experience!

Whenever people start to pigeon hole a wine into an unfair category or stereotype, we like to unravel those ideas to help our members “free their minds!” Such is the case with Rosé and the unqualified notion that it is just for ladies to enjoy. When it’s made like our 2019 Zinsicle Rosé, the way it pairs with food makes it one of those wines that create an eclectic experience everyone will want to indulge in. It pairs so well with bbq, highly spiced cuisine — like Thai and cajun — and it goes perfectly with sushi, seafood, Spanish tapas, and even a white pizza with black olives and artichoke hearts. We encourage you to get creative with your pairings and discover ways to add this wine to a diverse mix of people and food!


Cheers to Rosé in the winter!



2019 Zinsicle Rosé 

About the Wine: The name, Zinsicle Rosé, was inspired by the wine, of course. Something this delicious and fun tastes like a treat no matter what time of year it is. But the artwork on the label is from one of our Artist Series artists, Debbie Dannheisser's collection called Pink Creamsicle. It was an instant point of inspiration for us, and it immediately invokes the joy of the wine inside this bottle!

Tasting Notes: Made from Zinfandel grapes, this gorgeous Rosé has a lush, velvet-like mouthfeel that makes it the perfect wine for the winter months. Ever-so-lightly sweet, this off-dry Rosé is easily enjoyed alone or with food. But we highly recommend this wine with spicy foods — like Thai or even cajun spiced cuisine.

2016 Jewels of the Earth Merlot

About the Wine: We selected a second label from artist Debbie Dannheisser's collection of fine art, and this time, we were looking for a mood and a message that both the art and the wine could share. This amazing bedrock wine is beautifully layered just like the colors of this painting, which is why we decided to name the wine after this work of art! This bottle is indeed a gem, and we hope you share this treasure with people you love!

Tasting Notes: This wine displays classic Merlot flavors of plum, cherry and cocoa, which are complimented by vanilla and baking spices because of its time spent aging in oak. It’s a very approachable wine with a smooth finish.

2005 Volante Syrah

About the Wine: It's such an honor to feature our third bottle of Volante in our January / February 2022 Crush Collection because this bottle represents the end of an era. It's considered a library wine by California standards, and it is a wine that should be treated as such. It is a perfectly made Syrah that is ready to be experienced now because it will showcase stunning flavors that articulate the enduring legacy of a beautiful winemaking family.

Tasting Notes: All of the classic dark fruit flavors of a Syrah, this 2005 vintage offers a beautifully herbaceous sensation on the front of the palate and finishes with a brilliant hint of pepper. There is a vibrant violet taste that makes this wine exceptionally delicious with roasted or smoked meats and game.

2019 Blank Wines Pinot Noir

About the Wine: If you've been a member of our club, then you will likely recognize the BlankWines label. In the past, we've put wines under this label when they offer up the purest and best expression of a wine varietal — which is the case with this particular Pinot Noir. We love this wine for so many reasons, but this is also the very last wine we will be featuring under this label in our club. So for all of you all-red club members, savor this wine! 

Tasting Notes: We love this Pinot because of its dark red fruits, like dark cherries, raspberries and strawberries. Plus, the complexity added by hints of earthy mushroom. It has a classic finish found in well-made Pinots that’s often described as strawberries on silk!

Crush The Intern Earns His Keep

Crush The Intern Earns His Keep

Crush the Intern hasn’t learned one thing about wine in his first year on our team.

Not one single thing... In fact, instead of taking an interest in his job as our unpaid helper, he’s broken multiple wine glasses, interrupted several tasting notes video recordings, and chewed up one of our microphone cords — which ended up causing us some embarrassing technical difficulties during one of our location podcast interviews.

But I think it’s safe to say that all was forgiven when Crush the Intern paved the way for us to interview the one person in the world of wine that has left both Meredith & Lou starstruck:

Karen MacNeil

Our interview with the legendary author of The Wine Bible would’ve never happened without Crush and his ability to make friends wherever he goes!

It all started late in the summer of 2021 when Crush was out for his regular morning hike. He was only six months old and still struggling to behave on the end of his leash. But after running off-leash around several of his favorite vineyards, he met a woman named JoAnn. Her instant fondness for Crush was met with mutual admiration, and even though JoAnn doesn’t have a dog, she was somehow inspired to start bringing special cookies for Crush on her morning walk— just to see his tail wag!

At first, I can only assume she thought the name Crush was derived from that happy little feeling you get when you see a puppy that charms you without even trying. But after many weekly cookie breaks, JoAnn learned that Crush was named after a podcast and wine company. One thing led to another, and JoAnn offered to introduce us to her dear friend, Karen.

Looking back on how everything unfolded, it feels pretty perfect that it was a puppy named Crush that gave us our most honoring interview so far. We always say that “wine connects people,” and it does! But it’s also the way that wine softens the heart and matches the joy a puppy can bring to your life that forges unique bonds, too, and so we must give Crush the Intern a shout out for doing his job adorably well!


To listen to our interview with Karen MacNeil, click here, or look for Major Crush Winecast, Season Five, Episode 11, The Karen MacNeil Interview wherever you listen to your favorite shows.