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Chocolate Tasting Experiment

Every now and then, it’s good for us to take some time to experiment with how we go about pairing food and wine together! Some things sound like they go together — like chocolate and red wine — but when you take the time to truly experiment with it, some fantastic discoveries can be made. This is one of our longer Pairing with Mere videos, but we do encourage you to create this experience at home and follow along as she takes you through the tasting. We want to give a special shout out to the fabulous chocolates we tested in this experiment: Chocolove Premium Chocolates (www.chocolove.com); Endangered Species Cocoa Nibs (www.vitacost.com); and Theo Chocolate (www.theochocolate.com). Each chocolate was a perfect expression of what beautiful chocolate should be, and in the end, one of these chocolates turned Mere from staunchly against pairing it with red wine into a believer!


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