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Why Pair with Mere? by Meredith Griffin

Why Pair with Mere? by Meredith Griffin

I love food and I love wine!

Yet, I’m also very conscientious about what I put into my body because maintaining a healthy weight has always been a challenge. Our producer, Sonja, and I are big believers in “don’t drink your calories.” But, obviously, there’s an exception to this rule—wine! It’s because wine is more than a beverage. Wine is an experience, wine sets the stage for the meal, it’s part of the ambiance and it’s a lifestyle.

Maybe it sounds like I’m trying to justify drinking alcohol, but there’s a reason I choose wine over beer and other liquor. When I sit down to dinner with a glass of wine, the meal becomes an intentional experience. I’m mindful of the aromas and flavors in the wine and the food. Then the pairing of the two creates anticipation— the moment of truth to discover if the two create harmony or discord.

Do they complement one another or distract from one another?

Often the people gathered around the table will have different opinions, which is perfect in my book because that only adds to the entertainment. The entire experience creates a moment in time for that wine, for that food, and those who gather to share it!

This is why I loved when our producer, Sonja, who is one of the most brilliant story creators I know, suggested we offer a “Pair with Mere” element to the Crush Collection. I’m pretty sure my heart did flips when she suggested it -- since I’ve always secretly yearned for my own cooking show and my weekend morning binge is the Food Network.

I’m no chef and I have a lot to learn about cooking and the proper techniques, but I’m passionate about creating pairings each month that will be nutritious, yummy and create harmony with the Crush Collection wines.

We can’t just overlook that wine does contain calories and because of that, I’m often asked about keto wines and skinny wines. I’ll be honest I don’t know much about these, but that’s probably because I haven’t taken the time to learn. I liken these to many non-fat foods and granted I like to limit fat consumption, but some foods are meant to have fat like avocados, peanut butter, cheese, and if you take away the fat, why eat it? I feel the same way about keto and low-calorie wines, wine can’t be manipulated and still produce the same product.

I make room for the calories by cutting them somewhere else. It’s much easier to adapt dishes to be lower calorie and still be tasty than to alter wine and expect the same authenticity.

Wine is always welcomed at our dinner table because in our home it’s part of the experience!


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