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Meredith Griffin & Lou Zant are two friends and fellow sommeliers who have a major crush on wine!

We always call it a crush because there are way too many wines in the world to flirt with to narrow it all down to an exclusive kind of love. But our devotion to connecting other people to the vast and colorful world of wine is quite singular, and everything Meredith and Lou do is always centered on finding ways to help people discover, access, and share wine experiences that go far beyond the bottle.

Major Crush is best described as a Wine Community.

What started out as a simple podcast quickly turned into something so much bigger. We realized it wasn't enough to merely share the stories of the wines and winemakers Meredith and Lou feature on their show — we wanted to help our fans and followers personally experience the wines we've showcased for themselves.

So we came up with an idea for an app that helps wineries and wine influencers connect to real people who are interested in discovering more about wine. But...we also wanted to help these same people make a direct connection back to the wineries to access their wines — as well as the wines Meredith and Lou are crushin' on — all through one simple portal that offers everyone the best possible value.

The Major Crush App is currently under development and will be coming soon, but we're ready to make a connection to you now! Meredith and Lou have their first hand-picked wines for  The Crush Collection ready to offer, and, we've come up with some special ways to show you how much we value our connection to you! Some might say this is the start of something big, but because you've decided to join us, we prefer to say:

Welcome to the start of something major!