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2019 Mathis Rosé of Grenache

Intense aromas of white peach and strawberries are followed by a silky smooth and fresh entry on the palate. The minerality and bright acidity nicely balance the fruit characters -- which are two of the many reasons this wine tends to be such a crowd-pleaser no matter how much or how little you know about rosé!


2019 Ashby Park Sauvignon Blanc

Bright acidity with a surprising creamy mouthfeel. It has unexpected layers from a Sauvignon Blanc — starts with a citrus party that meets white peaches and then dances with tropical fruits of pineapples and melons. Goat cheese with this wine is heavenly!


2018 Parables in Red Pinot Noir

This is a Sonoma Coast Pinot, which means it was grown in the most ideal growing region for this varietal. Every sip has beautiful nuances of dark red fruits (like dark cherries and raspberries) and that classic finish found in well-made Pinots that’s often described as strawberries on silk. The wine is light enough to serve with appetizers and is delicious with grilled salmon.


2014 Front Porch Proprietary Red Blend

Grenache adds bright red fruits like cherry, raspberry, strawberry, and the Syrah contributes notes of black fruits like blueberry and blackberry, plus a pop of pepper. Yet, the wine is so well integrated that no one-note over powers the other. Syrah and Grenache are the perfect teammates!