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Four Bottle Collection

Domenica Amato Grenache Blanc

This is one of our all-time favorite white wines, so we had to add it to one of our summer Crush Collections! Click on the bottle image to watch the interview we did with the winemaker, Michael Scrosone!

Unwined Chardonnay

This is such a fun wine! A classic Chardonnay is a summer essential, so that's why we picked on that everyone can relate to! Click on the image to see our Tasting Notes video.

Viszlay Five Vines Red Blend

We adore a good red blend, and there really isn't a finer style than the ones you find in Bordeaux, France. This Viszlay Five Vines is a California expression of an Old World favorite, and we wanted you to have it this summer because it's such a fantastic wine to pair with foods hot off the grill and friends who have gathered together to enjoy some outdoor fun! Click on the image to see our Tasting Notes video!

Orinda Hayes Cabernet Sauvignon

This is one of our favorite Cabernets so far in our collections. It’s just so darn good! As you get more interested in wines, Cabernets are fun to explore, however, these are the wines that might just get you confused the most often when it comes to price, label, and reputation. That’s why we picked a Cab from Paso Robles that has all the hallmarks of a gorgeous Cab, but is also layered in all of the right ways to pair with other foods — besides just a thick steak. So we are showcasing a very popular Pair with Mere that combines this wine with a veggie dish! And for added proof, we’ve got a bonus video of Lou endorsing this different direction! Click on the bottle image to watch an awesome Pair with Mere video!