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It was a Tuesday night and Meredith Griffin and Lou Zant were at the Sonoma Farmer's Market. Meredith was drinking bubbles, and Lou was sipping on a Zin, and as they always do, they were talking about wine. But when Lou asked Meredith what her favorite wine podcast was, she didn't have an answer — and neither did Lou.

So... They decided the best thing to do was create one for themselves — and that's exactly what they did!

The Major Crush Winecast is a wine lover's podcast created by two people who are passionate about all things wine! 

No matter how much or how little our listeners know about wine, this podcast is the perfect place to grow a deeper appreciation for wine and everything that's so beautiful about wine culture.

We've got three seasons of our podcast under our belts, and now we know for certain there's no end to the conversation when the topic starts with wine! Every person we meet, and every wine we open has the power to connect us to others, and it's our goal to keep finding more crush-worthy people and wines to feature on our show!