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Welcome to Our Summer Passport Series!

Meredith & Lou are ready for the kind of adventure that only a glass of beautifully-made wine can offer! There's no need to pack a bag (or find a dog sitter) to tag along on this summer trip — just sit back, relax, and let the international wines we're crushing on this summer transport you to a world filled with discoveries!

Mere's Itinerary

It's going to be a tasty adventure for Meredith as she travels to Southern England — to experience some brilliant bubblies — then on to Campania, Italy, where she'll be obsessing over Pizza Napoletana and Falanghina, and then all the way to Tasmania, Australia, where Mere will explore some of this New World wine regions most perfect white wines! No need to worry about jet lag because every destination is only one cork pull or twist-cap away!

Lou's Intinerary

Lou's travel plans take him to places that he dreams about all the time. He'll be visiting Alto Adige, Italy, where the Pinot Blanc, Gewurztraminer, and Schiava are sure to dazzle! Then he'll make a big leap to South Africa to experience this New World wine region that makes this perfect summer sipper called Pinotage — which is a hybrid grape of Pinot Noir and Cinsault. Finally, he'll wrap up his adventure in Spain where Lou's passion for this regions food and wine create the most inspiring getaway with every sip!

Get Ready Because Mere's Up First!

Keep an eye out for our next Summer Passport Series postcard in the mail so you can scan your way into Meredith's summer plans! She will include all kinds of rich and storied details about the wine regions she's "visiting" on her destination page, and she'll even tell you how each wine she sips on adds something unique and special to her summer.

We hope you'll join us as we focus on international wines that have our attention. Whether we're just flirting with each varietal or we're prepared to keep up a long-distance, lasting relationship with the wines we experience, we know the best way to keep the fun going is to share our discoveries with you! The world of wine is so vast and varied, but it really is true that a sense of place can be found in a simple glass of wine. So that's what this Summer Passport Series is all about!
To get the most of our this series, click on the button below to read a useful blog on accessing international wines in your own hometown. This is the perfect set up to help you join Meredith & Lou at every stop on this fun virtual adventure we have planned!