The Adventure Starts Here...

While my real passport will need to wait a bit longer to travel across the oceans, this summer I’m allowing the magical power of wine to transport me to these enticing destinations. Diving into the world of wine creates awareness about the weather, the soil, the culture and the cuisine of where those grapes are grown. Thus, sipping wine has the potential to unlock your imagination and place you right in the middle of its story!

I'm starting my international summer wine fling in Southern England, where the bubbles welcomed me like a long-lost friend! Click on the image to read my blog entry about this amazing destination for people who adore exploring the world of sparkling wines!

Obsessing Over Pizza Napoletana and Falanghina in Campania, Italy

My summer adventures could not skip the country with a very special place in my heart—Italy! Not just because I’m passionate about most of their wines, but I’m obsessed with their food. And as we know in Italy wine and food exist as one—together they create the meal.

Click on the image to read more about how I paired my favorite food with one of my husband's all time favorite Italian white wines!

Flirting in Tasmania, Australia

I’m finishing my international journey in Tasmania, Australia to flirt with this New World wine region, where it's actually winter right now now. But I'm sincerely refreshed by all of the discoveries I made when exploring some of the best wines Tasmania has to offer, and I can't wait for you to join me here!

Click on the image to read my blog and to learn how these wines from down under are the perfect wines to cap off my summer sipping adventure!

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Bur for now, I'm signing off and wishing you a very happy August!