Welcome to my summer thought experiment!

The mind is a wonderful playground of sorts, and when you drop-in and push out all of the distractions, it can take you wherever you want to go — especially if you pour yourself the perfect glass of wine to sip on while you’re dreaming! That simple choice adds an all-access passport to your adventure so when you close your eyes, not only can you imagine somewhere new, when you roll that sip over your palate, suddenly you can taste a new sense of place as well!


So now I want to invite you to join me as I take you through a handful of the wine experiences that gave me the perfect globe-trotting summer adventure!

First Stop: South Africa for some Pinotage

Wine is the perfect tour guide because it can teach you so much more than a guide book. It teaches you to see things with all of your senses, and to me, that’s the most fascinating way to explore the wine country of South Africa.

I’ve got a Pinotage in my glass and adventure on my mind, so click on the image to join me!

Second Stop: Alto Adige, Italy for Three Wines That Send Me!

So often when I'm giving myself a chance to explore my imagination with a glass of wine, there is a strong calling to visit Italy! But this summer, a very special part of Italy needed to leave a mark on my passport: Alto Adige.

Here, three very beautiful wines gave me a full-spectrum experience that I plan to savor again and again — in my mind and in my glass! Click on the image to join me!

Third Stop: The Rioja Region of Spain

Give me a Spanish wine and some classic Spanish cuisine and I'll be the happiest guy around! So the last stop on my summer "wine trip" had to take me Rioja.

Here I got the chance to sip on two of my favorite red wines and enjoy the experience in the most authentic way. To Join me, click on the image!