The Vint Napa Valley Winemakers Box

The Vint Napa Valley Winemakers Box features wines sourced directly from the cellars of wineries. We met with each winemaker to identify wines that best demonstrate how Napa Valley wines from across the region develop and mature over time. This collection features standout wines made from mountain fruit with a beautiful balance of freshness and ripe fruit, alongside an opulent valley floor wine made from grapes from the hallowed To Kalon vineyard. Working directly with producers allowed us to gain access to library wines at prices not available to the public and to offer over $1,000 worth of wine for $600.

That said, at Vint, our goal is always to source wines at the best price for investors, but what makes this collection so special is that you get to have the experience of tasting it.

Who you drink it with, when you drink it, and how you savor each sip can make a bottle of wine, and the experience it creates is priceless. That is why we curated the Vint Napa Valley Winemakers Box. It’s a very limited collection of wines that meet every value standard we look for in our investment offerings, but it’s the kind of collection you can experience right now.


Wine crushes are something Meredith Griffin & Lou Zant talk about all the time on their podcast. And what makes the Major Crush Winecast so unique is the fact that we are open to exploring every aspect of the world of wine — even how to invest in it! So when we met Nick King and Billy Galanko, we couldn’t wait to get them on the show.

The day after THE VINT INTERVIEW, Lou took Nick and Billy around the California Wine Country to meet some of our favorite winemakers. As they were sipping and experiencing the wines of the likes of Phillip Steinschriber of Watermark, or the wines of Emmitt-Scorsone, it just seemed like the only thing missing from the Vint portfolio is a collection of wines people can pour and experience right now!

The collaboration came together quickly, and before the day-trip was over, the Vint Napa Valley Winemakers Box became a real thing!

Meredith & Lou are passionate about wine and the value it holds from every perspective. It’s this finite elixir that will never drink exactly the same way twice, but holds in its very existence a time capsule loaded with meaningful experiences and beautiful connections. It is our pleasure to join forces with Vint to help curate the full spectrum for wine investors.

Wines to invest in. Wines to anticipate. And wines to experience…right now.

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